How Does Identity And Access Management Software Help Businesses?

How Does Identity And Access Management Software Help Businesses?


Choosing the right IAM software vendors is critical to your organization’s identity access management strategy. You want to choose a solution that’s easy to use, provides rich functionality, and helps protect your organization’s data and assets. You also want to ensure your solution can react quickly to security events on your network.

Helps companies transition from traditional firewalls to a zero-trust model:

In addition, IAM provides access control in highly distributed environments, such as in an IoT network. Identity and access management also helps companies transition from traditional firewalls to zero-trust models. With an IAM solution, you can secure access to vital enterprise assets and applications, as well as business partners and mobile employees. Ultimately, identity access management is the perfect marriage of productivity and security.

A good option for small business:

Some IAM solutions are cloud-based, while others are installed on-premise. This can be a good option for small businesses with limited IT resources. However, cloud-based solutions can be susceptible to issues if there are inactive accounts or gaps in admin accounts.

It secures electronic health records and enforces compliance requirements:

Identity management systems are also available in a hybrid model, where you can deploy a solution on-premise or use a third-party provider. The choice of IAM solution will depend on your organization’s needs, size, and user base. Companies in the healthcare industry might want to consider IdentityIQ. This tool can secure electronic health records and enforce compliance requirements. It can also interface with Epic systems and Cerner Device Connectivity.

It is single sign-on:

Another important feature of IAM software is single sign-on. This feature allows users to log into a single portal to access their applications and data. This eliminates the need to log in multiple times and reduces the number of passwords your employees need to remember.

It can be used to monitor users for malicious intent:

Other IAM tools provide other security features, such as privileged access management, password management, and biometrics. These tools can also be used to monitor users for malicious intent. For example, if a user has a suspicious pattern of activity, AI can detect this and help your security team identify this type of risk. Other IAM software tools can help manage access to sensitive information, such as customer databases.