What Is An Induction Hob And How Does It Work?

What Is An Induction Hob And How Does It Work?


Induction hobs in Dubai heat food by a process involving electromagnetism. A copper coil placed in an induction zone is tightly wound, and electricity flows through it when switched on. The electricity creates a high-frequency alternating magnetic field that reacts with the pan.

Induction cooking uses a reaction between iron and an electromagnetic field

Unlike conventional cooking methods, induction cooking uses a reaction between iron and an electromagnetic field to heat food. Because the heat is directly sourced to the cookware, temperatures stay more stable. It is also compatible with almost all types of cookware. Induction cooking is a popular alternative to traditional cooking methods.

The process involves a copper coil that generates an electromagnetic field that heats stainless steel and iron cookware. You can also use magnets in conjunction with induction cooking. The iron in the pan is a poor conductor of electricity, so the energy from the electric current gets converted into heat.

It heats food faster than gas or electric

The biggest advantage of induction is the speed with which it heats food. It is much faster than gas and is much easier to clean. However, some people prefer gas due to the warmth and low cost. Either way, it’s important to understand your options before making any major investment.

An induction cooker’s performance is superior both at high and low temperatures. For instance, a gas cooker cannot consistently hold low temperatures. It is difficult to maintain a constant low temperature, so it must constantly turn on and off. But induction hobs can handle delicate low-temp tasks.

It’s less likely to cause a fire or accidental burns

One of the biggest benefits of an induction hob is a decreased risk of a fire or accidental burns. This is because induction hobs do not use the typical heat source associated with conventional stoves. However, it is important to remember that cooking on an induction hob will require you to use special cookware.

It requires special saucepans

To use an induction hob, you need special pans. These are known as magnetic pans. These pans contain a copper coil beneath the ceramic glass. They generate heat through electrical induction when you place them on the hob. This method is much more energy efficient than conventional cooking methods.