What Does It Require To Open A Clinic In Dubai? 

What Does It Require To Open A Clinic In Dubai? 


If you are planning to open a medical clinic in Dubai, here are some things that you need to know first. You will need a clinical license from DHA. You need to create a user ID and use the DHA portal to upload your documents. This process can take up to 25 days. To open a clinic in the free zone of DHCC, you need to create a limited liability company (LLC). To set up a clinic in the free zone, you need to have a minimum capital requirement of AED 50,000 or AED 300,000. If you are opening a branch, you can meet this minimum capital requirement.

Documents required to open a clinic in Dubai:

To open a clinic in Dubai, you must follow certain procedures. The first step is registering your clinic name with the Dubai economic department (DED). It is important to ensure that your business name is legally protected and adheres to the rules and regulations of UAE government. Next, you should apply for a license. You must complete an online application and submit the required documents. You must also submit a feasibility report to the Dubai Municipality.

Medical education and certifications required:

To operate a medical center in Dubai, individuals must have a valid medical education and certification from an accredited medical institution. They must also be accredited by UAE healthcare authority, which conducts examinations for medical practitioners. UAE healthcare authority also has specific regulations for medical facilities, such as hospitals and clinics. Additionally, the requirements for opening and running a clinic in Dubai vary depending on the type of activity that the center will be engaged in.

For those who want to open a medical clinic in Dubai, obtaining a doctorate from a recognized medical school can be a good start. The country has a strong medical infrastructure, which helps attract foreign investors. In addition, the laws in the country are strong and transparent, which makes it an ideal place to start a business.

Cost of opening a clinic in Dubai:

The cost of setting up a clinic in Dubai depends on your specialization and the area you aim to serve. If you have two specialties, you will need to spend approximately AED 12,500, while three or more specialties will cost you about AED 26,040. Consult a UAE business setup expert for help with determining the exact cost.