5 Design Hacks To Turn Boring PowerPoint Slides Into Creative Ones

5 Design Hacks To Turn Boring PowerPoint Slides Into Creative Ones


If you are a frequent presenter, there are some design hacks you can implement in your PowerPoint presentations to make them stand out from the crowd. These include animated GIFs, color gradients, quizzes, and animated doodles. Using these tricks can help you turn your presentation from boring to engaging. Check this link to find the best presentation design service near me.

Animated GIFs:

If you’re looking to turn your PowerPoint slides into fun and exciting presentations, you can use GIFs. They add a touch of humor and are great for illustrating processes. They also can demonstrate before and after comparisons. Just make sure to use them in the right context.

Color gradients:

Color gradients can be an effective way to make your presentation more creative. They can be created by adding individual colors to a gradient fill. To add individual colors, use the Gradient stop option and slide the sliders to control the percentage of each color in the gradient. You can combine multiple gradients for the most impact if you want more variety.


If you find PowerPoint slides too bland and dull, you can easily change the look with simple tricks. Start by highlighting the most important points of the slide with strong color contrast. You can choose a color from the Color chooser drop-down menu on the Shape Format tab.


The first and most important step in making your PowerPoint slides look more engaging is to make them visually stimulating. This can be done in several ways. For example, you can use shapes to separate the body text from the headlines or use alternating font styles. The placement of different elements on your slides is also important. It takes time for the audience to organize the information, which is time they would rather spend listening to your presentation. You can use free PowerPoint templates to simplify the layout process.


There are many ways to improve the look of your PowerPoint slides, including custom shapes and brushes. These simple yet impactful options can mask your photos and create a unique design. However, keeping your design simple is important; including too many elements on a slide may irritate your audience and damage your credibility. Using simple transitions will help keep your slide’s momentum and look impressive. You can also use animations to introduce different elements of your slide.