4 Home Renovation Trends You’ll See A Lot Of In 2023

4 Home Renovation Trends You'll See A Lot Of In 2023


Bright, airy kitchens are the dream of many homeowners. One way to achieve this is to incorporate plenty of windows into the design. Long banks of windows can span two or three walls to provide a view of the outdoors while bringing fresh air inside the space. Other ways to create bright, airy kitchens include using lower cabinets instead of upper ones. Read on to learn some of the best trends in interior renovation in Dubai.

Semi-open concept spaces:

A semi-open concept is a home design style where the walls between rooms have been removed. This allows you to have a wide open space while maintaining a sense of separateness and privacy. You can also use ceiling-hung sliding doors to cordon off areas and open them up when not in use.

Freestanding acrylic soaking tubs:

Freestanding acrylic soaking tubs are popular for smaller bathrooms, as they take up less space than drop-in, alcove, or deck-mounted tubs. They are also easy to install and are more space-efficient than traditional tubs. The Barclay Phillipe 55-inch Acrylic Freestanding Tub is one of our favorite space-saving flat-bottom tubs for the year.

Acrylic is an affordable and durable material for bathtubs. It is scratch and chip-resistant and comes in various colors and sizes. These bathtubs are easy to clean and can even be customized to match your bathroom’s color scheme.

Repurposed flooring:

One of the home renovation trends you’ll see a lot of in 2023 is repurposed flooring. This flooring is a great option if you’d like to give your home a unique and stylish look. This flooring is also easy to install and can be done independently.

Home renovation spending has continued to increase in recent years, and the same is likely true in 2023. This trend is predicted to increase by 8.8% in the first quarter and 9% in the second.

Accessibility features:

Increasingly, home renovations are incorporating accessibility features. These can be in the form of a ramp in place of an outdoor staircase. Or they can be in the form of motion-activated sinks and lighting. These renovations can help you add value to your home and can be tailored to your lifestyle.